Self Tours



The well-being of our residents and visitors to our community is our number one priority. Currently, we are not offering traditional consultant-guided apartment tours. However, we are offering self-tours and online leasing, providing you with the ability to maintain social-distancing guidelines.

Avantic Residential has been leasing homes using paperless options for years now, and we are pros at it! Let us walk you through the process so you know what to expect every step of the way. - Let’s get started!


1.       Start on our community’s website.

2.       Use the website tabs to learn a little bit about our community.

3.       In the “Floor Plan” tab, see the specials by hovering on the “$”-And see what’s available.

4.       Get directions to our Leasing Office by clicking on “Directions”

5.       Click on “email us” or “call us” at the listed number and start your search for a new home with us.

6.       Set an appointment with the leasing staff. They will have the apartment ready for you at your agreed upon time.

7.       Come on over! Your Leasing Expert will email you information on the location and number of the apartment and the best route once you have parked.

8.       Go on in! Let yourself in to the unlocked apartment and take a tour. Maximize the experience by visiting the website “amenities” tab as you see firsthand the features offered in your apartment.

9.       Take a little walk.  You are welcome to stroll around the property and see any common areas you and your Leasing Expert discussed or that you see on the website.

10.   Give us a call and let us know what you think and if you have addition questions.


1.       Applying online is part of our normal process!  We want you to know that we are accustomed to doing everything online and we can help you!

2.       Click on “Floor plans” then “Reserve Now” or “Available Now” to find the available apartment that is right for you.  

3.       Select the apartment and the lease term that you are interested in or that you and your Leasing Expert discussed. Remember, your Leasing Expert can answer any questions that you have during this online process.

4.       Review the information and select “Apply online” at the bottom.

5.       You are on your way to getting your new apartment home!  You will then create an account by entering in your Name, Phone number, email address and a password.

6.       Once the account is created, work your way through the application entering the information that it asks for. Please note that the proof of income upload will need to be a pdf or jpeg, it cannot be a Word or Excel document.

7.       Once the application is complete, it will ask for online payment. You will the receive an email that your application is complete.   

8.       Call your Leasing Expert and let them know that you have done the online application and celebrate!

9.       Your Leasing Expert will let you know if they need you to send them anything via email to complete the process.

10.   Once the application is approved, there will be an Offer to Rent sent to you through the portal account that you created. After you e-sign the offer, you will then receive a lease agreement also through the portal account to sign electronically.

11.   That’s it for your application and lease signing! Now its on to move in day!!

Move in

1.       The Offer to Rent that you signed will let you know the amount of money that you will need to pay for move in day.

2.       Pay this amount on the portal account.

3.       Your Leasing Expert will have followed up with you by phone to make sure everything needed for move in is completed ahead of time.

4.       ITS MOVE IN DAY!! Your Leasing Expert will have your apartment move in ready with the keys on the kitchen counter at the agreed upon time for your move in.

5.       Please call the office to let them know you have arrived and that you have gotten your new apartment home keys.

6.       Your Office staff will move you in on their software and you will receive a “Move in Inspection” document to your resident portal.

7.       Open the document and simply select “pass” or “fail” on each item. You can add pictures and notes if you need to.

8.       Once completed, this will go to your Office staff and a work order will be created for anything that you have concerns about. **Please note that during this time that we are all affected by COVID19, anything that is a non-emergency will be held until we are no longer taking special precautions**.

Your Leasing Professional will be available every step of the way if you have any questions during this process. Please call the office or respond to an email once you have established communication.

Happy Leasing and Welcome Home!